Nazgol Shokatfadaei

My Paintings are a reflection of my belief in imaginary world which never existed. Social inevitable influences bring me the dream of a world in which everybody is mute, where that ties me to their silence and make me present myself without anxiety. There is a constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that i have about myself and the world I live in.All the magic and bewilderment that comes with growing up.

I and myself

Since the early 2009 my artworks has involved the creation of conceptually based myself object .I began drawing with closed eyes. Trying with every finished artwork to propose a secret history of modernity, where people turning into someone they did not expected. Where the world itself is not in a hurry to do anything. Human are in hurry to grow older and older, and do things all the people before them have done, and they do not pay attention to possibility of mental decay in every moment of this life and producing unconfirmed human copies. It is from the process I find myself being most present in me. I do not have any similarity with the people I see every day, neither physically nor mentally, but it seems that I must be like them to recognize me as someone great and impressive. I and Myself Series represent the feeling of anticipating a sincere intimacy, warm, constant motherly and moist with tears. We are used to be the same as each other which has become ordinary to us, to avoided listening, to be lost and to say nonsense, and hand in hand, we go to the end.

These painting and images still flow through the veins of contemporary art and culture with dramatic impacts. There are always similarities between different series; they are linked by recurring formal concerns and thoughts the subjects matter. Each series often consist of specific them and meanings in a range of different situation.

Painting for me is a way to story and evoke deep meaning in my attempt to decipher a secret of message of emotional feelings and attachments to the reality. The fact which is not simple, and sometimes is not real. There is a blurred line between death and lifetime, where there is no need to have deep emotional feeling which make me feel a phase out or denouement of the world.



2010 B.A in painting.Sooreh Art university.Tehran,Iran

2005 Graphic Diploma.Saba Art Shool .Tehran,Iran




2011 Solo exhibition(I am always one years old)Mohsen Gallery.Tehran,Iran

2015 Solo exhibition(Self and Selfless)Tarahan azad Gallery.Tehran,Iran


2016 Chiristmas marketing (Heart to home) Surrey art Central. Surrey,B.C

2016 Group Exhibition (face to face) Mehrva Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2016 Group Exhibition (Pause) Jorjani Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2016 Group Exhibiti2015Group exhibition (Self Portrait) Ivory coast Embassy. Tehran,Iran.

2015 Group Exhibition(Agent Orange) Mehrva Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2014 Group Exhibition (Painting Market)Iranian artists house of iran. Tehran,Iran

2014 Group  Exhibition (13Day1392) Jorjani Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2012 Group  Exhibition (Special Zone) Haftan Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2011 Group  Exhibition (Key Hole) Mohsen Gallery. Tehran,Iran

2011 Group Exhibition, A member of The third Damoonfar festival . Tehran,Iran


”Inside Voices” Series. Based on women experience in social life. Tehran,Iran.

”I am always one year old” series. Based on kidney transplant experience. Tehran,Iran.

”come back to home” series.Based on human relationship. Tehran,Iran.

”daily ” series.Based on routine life. Tehran,Iran.

”Agent Orange…”Series.Based on social reaction. Tehran,Iran.

”Self and Selfless” Series.Based on Interrelationships. Tehran,Iran.

”Pause” Series Based on Public  Relations. Tehran,Iran.Tehran,Iran.

“Time is up”Series.Based on influence of Dreams and nightmares in reality.Tehran,Iran.

“Face to Face”Series.Based on paradox of the feelings.Tehran,Iran.

“Puzzle of the Minutes”Series Based on forgotten minutes. Tehran,Iran.Vancouver,B.C.